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Corporate issues

Asseco Central Europe is fully aware of the importance of havin corporate governance standards in place and complying with them. In accordance with standards in the Polish market, the above corporate management principles and methodology - Best practices - were incorpoated into the Company´s documetns and procedures. The Company Managment Code was approved by the Company´s Board of Directors and published as the Statement on the company’s compliance with the corporate governance recommendations and principles contained in the Code of Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies 2016 on February 19, 2016.

GSMs Procedures

Granting power of attorney

Considering Slovak legislation, all shareholders who wish to grant a power of attorney (POAT) to any person to represent them on the GSM are recommended to use the attached template and to attest their signature on the POAT by a notary in Slovakia. According to many bilateral agreements among Slovakia and rest EU countries both sides accept notaries of each other without apostille in case of state institution actions (courts, prosecutors, etc.), the Company also decided not to demand apostille in case foreign notary authorises the POAT. So apostille is not needed.

May a POAT be prepared in a different language version than the attached template, it is necessary to present a sworn translation; apostile is obligatory.

Extract from the commercial register

In case a corporation is granting a power of attorney, the authorized person should also bring a current extract from the commercial register of the respective country (not older less 3 months); the stipulations about language apply accordingly.
All related costs are borne directly by shareholders.

Means of voting at the GSM

In line with the statutes of the Company the shareholders should vote by voting ticket at the GSM. In case the process will request an alternative organizational arrangement, the chairperson of the GSM (or another person in line with the statutes stipulations) will propose it on the spot.

Decision-Making by the GSM

The number of a shareholder's votes shall depend on the nominal value of shares held by such shareholder. Each share with a nominal value 0.033194 EUR shall represent one vote. Dated March 22nd, 2009 the capital of Company is devided into 21,360,000 pc shares, each in a nominal value of 0.033194 EUR.

Official language of the GSM

The official language of the GSM is Slovak. Any acts or procedures where the shareholder would seek for translation into foreign language are to be provided for by the shareholder himself. All related costs are borne directly by shareholders, too.

Further provisions on procedure and the guarantee that Shareholders' Meetings are organized, competence of the Shareholders' Meeting and other matters related to the Shareholders' Meeting are included in Asseco Central Europe's articles of association, as amended.

Information published before the GSM

Articles of Association