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Outsourcing of information and communication technologies (ICT) is becoming more popular nowadays as it is logical for companies to concentrate on those activities only that are their direct sources of profit. This trend is accompanied by a tendency to remove the burden of internal processes that other companies can do better, more efficiently, and cheaper.


Comprehensive ICT outsourcing services include leasing of hardware and software


Comprehensive ICT outsourcing services include leasing of hardware and software with guaranteed regular updates, complete servicing in the areas of technology (hardware service and removal of hardware malfunctions), system, and applications (removal of software malfunctions – operation systems as well as user applications). Last but not least, there are services designed for the financing of IT infrastructure. 

However, outsourcing may only concern individual components of a customer’s information system, an example being selective administration using remote access from a supervisory center, outsourcing of a local network firewall, etc.

Picture of an outsourcing team.

Outsourcing may also apply to individual components of the information system of the customer.

Asseco Central Europe’s portfolio also includes IT servicing. Its virtue lies in flexible accommodation of customer needs. We provide support for both external and internal customers and focus on much more than just service-related activities. Generally, we can address requirements related to notebooks, desktops, servers, smaller tape libraries, storage, and external peripherals such as scanners, printers or projectors which can be attached to them.

Standard services

  • consultation regarding the most advantages acquisition of hardware (HW) and software (SW)
  • PC, notebook and server HW service
  • peripheral HW service (printers, scanners, UPS)
  • equipment HW upgrade
  • HW installation, equipment assembly (rack mounting, rack installation, etc. )
  • HW preventive check-up
  • HW service of LAN (Cisco)
  • operating system software installation
  • operating system software maintenance
  • SW upgrade

Above standard services

  • comprehensive installation of HW and SW
  • HW moving
  • failure reporting in the 24x7x365 regime
  • above standard HW service (service with a defined reaction time and repair time)
  • installation and configuration of network devices
  • consulting in the area of information technology and operating systems
  • professional cleaning of office and IT equipment (prophylaxis)
  • environmentally friendly disposal of discarded HW
  • other potential customer requests related to the aforementioned

Terminal network POS administration includes delivery and installation of terminals, operator training, regular service (prophylaxis) and maintenance and support of the terminal network. Quality business outlets offering a high level of comfort for customers in handling their credit card payments require the use of electronic POS terminals which provide for fast and secure credit card payment verification and processing of most common types of credit cards.  POS terminals are suitable for all commercial sites – such as retail outlets, chain stores, petrol stations, automobile repair shops, retail delivery services, restaurants, post offices, etc.

Offered services

  • installation, servicing and maintenance of payment terminals,
  • management of new, highly secure multi-purpose terminals,
  • supply of payment terminals with EMV certification level I and II for points of sale,
  • providing technological solutions for points of sales including terminal connection to the cash register systems; custom-made business solutions etc.,
  • providing for the acceptance of bank issued and non-bank issued cards in retail chain stores,
  • providing HW and SW modifications according to customer requests and
  • repairs of terminals carried out in a workshop.

Customer key requirements for equipment at points of sales with payment terminals include safety, comfort and reliability. The terminals are managed centrally using a specialized office staffed with a team of qualified experts with appropriate technical equipment and experience in the field. The central office has established a national network of service branches to ensure availability and quality of services provided in managing the terminal networks.  All technical support is provided directly at the point of sale.

Key Advantages 

  • comfortable HelpDesk
  • reliable remote management of terminal network administration
  • storage of new terminals and spare parts
  • data sheet processing which can help in improving the quality of the products and services provided