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At Asseco Central Europe, we consider education to be a key element of an ever-evolving knowledge-focused society. We provide a wide range of solutions and activities in the field of formal and non-formal learning and the labour market, within the framework of national projects, demand-oriented projects and foreign calls for both the public and private spheres.

For the labour market field, we have created a comprehensive information portal dealing with the qualifications that exist on the Slovak labour market. The portal introduces the possibilities of citizens' employment on the European labour market, brings news related to the field of education and expands the possibilities of obtaining qualifications.

For the field of education, Asseco creates innovative educational projects designed according to the requirements that are specified. A team of experts with extensive experience will create the project, cover it professionally and provide comprehensive consulting, analytical, methodological and educational services. We identify your needs, design solutions and processes, estimate budgets, plan resources and ensure coordination and management. To make the educational process more attractive and innovative, we offer digital educational content to kindergartens and to both primary and secondary schools. It is intuitive and easy to implement into practice, makes teachers’ work easier and improves the visualization of complex events.

Our goal is to improve the use of information technology and enable access to a smarter learning environment. 3D Printers, Virtual Reality or Virtual Classroom. Asseco supplies teaching aids and equipment, including tools and information systems, and also provides training and support.