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SAMO Platform

SAMO Platform is a framework for the rapid creation of information systems that manage extensive records (registries) of objects, their interrelationships, and geospatial context, direct decision-making workflows, and distribute data at the right time to the right participants in the given process.

We have been developing the SAMO platform as a tool for implementing projects since 2017. Over this period, the SAMO platform has proven essential for the effective delivery of information systems within the agreed scope and deadlines, as well as for the further growth of our company.

We are happy to offer the SAMO platform outside our company to our business-implementation partners so they can grow with the SAMO platform.

The SAMO platform is versatile and suitable for implementation teams from dynamic startups to thriving IT companies. It is designed for global deployment and ready for use in business operations anywhere in the world.

For more information, see the attached leaflet.