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Moin Moin Hamburg! Stromnetz Hamburg decides for implementation of SAMO und LIDS

Asseco receives the order for the implementation and launch of an integrated network information system (iNIS) at Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH based on its asset management solution SAMO and the geographical asset information system LIDS.

With iNIS, Stromnetz Hamburg pursues the goal of integrating the existing as-built and overview plans including attribute data from different IT systems into a central network information system. While doing this, a new as-built plan with a completely new form of presentation will be created. The touched processes, from network planning to network documentation, will be supported by an integrated workflow management to organize actualization and service of data efficient within iNIS. In result the analogous change documentation will be completely omitted.

The project will be realized between September 2018 and summer 2021 and includes a GIS migration as well as an implementation of LIDS and SAMO.

With SAMO and LIDS Asseco provides Stromnetz Hamburg systems, whose technology allows further future-oriented developments and the integration of additional modules.

Stromnetz Hamburg electrifies 1.8 million citizens

Stromnetz Hamburg operates the second largest urban distribution network in Germany and stands for reliable power supply in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg for more than 120 years. About 1,200 employees supply 1.1 million low voltage and 2,234 mean and high voltage customers with electricity every day.

The core business of the distribution network operator consists of provisioning, operating, controlling, monitoring, maintaining and further developing Hamburg`s power grid. Fault management, network usage and network connection management are counted among its core tasks too.

Stromnetz Hamburg in numbers

  • 28.997 km network length with a throughput of 12.3 TWh / year
  • 91 sites with switch systems
  • 115 transformers
  • 54 transformer units
  • 7,633 grid and customer substations
  • 318,580 service connections