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The best Annual Report has Asseco

The announcer of competition, INEKO and evaluation committee composed of representatives of the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, HSBC Bank and Comenius University, Faculty of Management decided to revive the current contest and change the evaluation process in order to promote quality and transparency of financial reporting in Slovakia.

Formal award ceremony was held on 10.11.2011 during economic  forum at HN Club at Hotel Radisson Blu Carlton where top three companies with the best annual reports were awarded:


  1. Asseco CE
  2. Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa
  3. Slovnaft

High level of our company´s  annual report was praised by  Alexander Srank, a partner in PwC: " within conditions in Central Europe the annual report is of a very particular quality that concerns  all key areas, and is significantly beyond the local practice in terms of  openness". Rastislav Kovacik from Institute of INEKO only confirmed the statement that: "Asseco indicated in the report specific projects, key customers, identified business opportunities and clearly described the strategy and risks“.


What for our company means to be a winner  in this competition stated for economic weekly Hospodarske noviny  Jozef Klein, CEO and Chairman of the Board: "Winning this competition is for us first of all award from the  professional community and confirmation that the communication of the results and activities of our company we are  doing correctly and transparently."

The whole article can be read in attachment.

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