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Basic information

On October 10, 2006 Asseco Central Europe, formerly Asseco Slovakia, was listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange (IPO – Inicial Public Offering), thus becoming the first Slovak company to be directly quoted on a foreign stock exchange. Public trading of shares of Asseco Central Europe, a.s. the Warsaw Stock Exchange was terminated on 2 May 2017.



Capital Structure

Subsidiaries in Asseco CE Group structure

Asseco Central Europe, a. s. /SK/
     Asseco Central Europe, a. s. /CZ/ (100%)
          Asseco BERIT GmbH /D/ (100%)
          Asseco BERIT AG /CH/ (100%)
          I.CA, a. s. /CZ/ (23,25%)
     Asseco Enterprise Solutions, a. s. /SK/ (49,99%)
          Asseco Business Solutions, S.A. /PL/ (46,47%)
          Asseco Solutions, a. s. /SK/ (100%)
          Asseco Solutions, a. s. /CZ/ (100%)
          Asseco Solutions AG /D/ (100%)
     Asseco Central Europe Magyarország Zrt. /H/ (100%)
     CEIT, a. s. /SK/ (100%)
     EdgeCom, s.r.o. /SK/ (35%)
     eDocu, a. s. /SK/ (51%)
     exe, a. s. /SK/ (100%)
     Asseco CE Cloud, a. s. /SK/ (100%)
     PROSOFT, s. r. o. /SK/ (50%) 

Financial indicators

Thousands of EUR




Sales revenues

215 931

168 235

155 147

Gross profit on sales

59 252

43 214

39 053

Operating profit

24 634

15 279

15 027

Pre-tax profit

24 757

15 432

15 064

Net profit for the period reported

18 907

11 250

10 934


Consolidated indicators according to IFRS


Asseco International, a. s. 91.33 %
Other shareholders 8.67 %

Corporate Governance

Asseco Central Europe, a.s. (the “Company”), whose shares were traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange until May 2, 2017, was bound by the Code of Conduct of the company for companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (“the Code”) approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission Supervisory Board in Warsaw no. 27/1414/2015 dated 13 October 2015. The full text of the of the Company Management Code is available on the website The report on the Company Management Code that was applied to it was published on 19 February 2016. During the public trading period, the necessary principles and methods of company management were incorporated into the standards in line with market standards, i.e. Best Practices, in to documents, processes and norms of the company. Even after the end of public trading of the shares, the Company is aware of the importance of complying with Corporate Governance standards, whether in relation to shareholders or as part of the multinational Asseco Group, and therefore it continues to apply the principles of the Best Practices introduced and adhered to in practice of the Company even though it is not currently bound by any code of management as a non-public traded company.

Corporate Governance

Statement on the company’s compliance with the corporate governance recommendations and principles contained in the Code of Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies 2016