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Asseco CE on the best positions
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We are the second fastest growing IT company in Slovakia and the bes IT supplier for the private financial sector.

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The software minimizes any delay in treatment and replaces paper records of medical digital repository. Access to the complete patient record for rounds and their updates during the consultation allows doctors to increase the level of patient care.

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Asseco Central Europe

The company Asseco Central Europe is a strong regional software centre for Central Europe in the area of IT services and products with high added value for all market segments. Asseco CE is one of the pillars of Asseco Group. Asseco Group is a federation of companies engaged in information technology. We offer comprehensive, proprietary IT solutions for all sectors of the economy.


Unique solutions tailored to banking institutions, building societies and Capital Markets.


Comprehensive solutions for health insurance companies, hospitals and other medical facilities.


Consulting, software development and IT solutions tailored.


Information systems for insurance companies and managers of pension savings.

Telco & Utilities

Solutions for the telecommunications, energy and utilities.

Public Administration

Information systems for central and regional public administration, geographical information systems.

ERP Solutions

IT systems for businesses of all sizes across segments.