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Pension application online IT project of the year 2023

Prague, 22 March 2024: Asseco has scored another significant success with the online service "Pension Application Online" winning the prestigious IT Project of the Year 2023 award organised by the Czech Association of Information Technology Managers (CACIO). The Pension Application Online service is sophisticated, very elaborate and yet user-friendly. Clients log in to the service using their citizen identity (i.e. eObčanka, bank identity, eGovernment mobile key) or data box login credentials, or a foreign means of identification according to the Union Regulation eIDAS.

On Thursday, 22 March 2024, a ceremony was held to announce the winners of the 21st annual IT Project of the Year competition. Fourteen projects were submitted for this year's competition, from which a 17-member expert jury selected 8 finalists. In the second round, the personal presentation of the projects was evaluated, but especially the contribution to the public, unconventional technological solutions, the complexity of the project and the method of management.

"Thanks to this service, our clients can submit their pension applications for old-age, disability and survivors' pensions, electronically, easily and quickly, any time and anywhere, without visiting an office. Although the service is very easy for clients to use, it is a very complicated and sophisticated affair. The staff of the CSSA have done a really great job and we thank them very much. I am glad that the contribution of this service was also appreciated by the expert jury," says František Boháček, Central Director of ČSSZ.

The service meets the modern current trends in the digitalisation of processes and thus fulfils the objectives of the eGovernment of the Slovak Republic and the EU context (Single Digital Gateway Regulation). It is also available in English on the English version of the ČSSZ ePortal.

The success of the service is also confirmed by the figures: in the period from 4 December 2023 to 29 February 2024, a total of 2,846 clients applied for a pension through the online service. This represents 6.2% of the total number of applications submitted in this period. Of these, 37% were for old-age pensions, 43% for invalidity pensions and 20% for survivors' pensions.

"We appreciate the fact that our company Asseco Central Europe could once again participate in the successful implementation of the ČSSZ electronic service. I would like to emphasise the invaluable contribution of the Pension Application Online service to the overall digitalisation of services in the Czech Republic, especially when it comes to such a complex and complicated service," adds Vladimír Dzurilla, country manager and member of the Board of Directors of Asseco Central Europe.