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Asseco Central Europe has contributed to the fight against the new coronavirus in Slovakia by interconnecting laboratories

Bratislava, 29 April 2020: The Asseco CE company´s activities support the fight against the new coronavirus. In a record-breaking time – ten days only, the company has developed and launched the IS COVID central information system for registration of laboratory test requests and SARS-CoV-2 test results, which has helped increase the efficiency of COVID-19 testing and its capacity up to more than 5 000 samples per day.

The IS COVID information system has interconnected state and private laboratories within an integrated environment allowing controlled massive testing of the population. At the same time, a key online platform has been developed for the institutions that need valid online information to safeguard protection of the population and to save human lives. The system has been subject to continuous enhancements and improvements, new functionalities are added to suit practical requirements, and new institutions register themselves within the system on a daily basis.

“Due to the massive increase in the number of samples collected from the persons suspected of the COVID-19 disease, involvement of further laboratories from private, hospital, science and other sectors, and absence of a central laboratory system, the situation had to be resolved through a new information system. This information system provides key institutions with the information about laboratory test results in a short time, which helps evaluate the epidemiological situation in Slovakia quickly and it also allows integration with other systems processing outputs for international organizations,” Ján Mikas, Chief Public Health Officer of the SR, said.

“In Asseco CE, we have created a fully functioning system in a few days to support the fight against the COOVID-19 disease. The system developed by us interconnects the information flows among key institutions fighting the new coronavirus - Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic, National Health Information Centre, and state and private laboratories - contributing thus towards an increase in the efficiency and quality of the control of testing and the information flows concerning already completed COVID 19 tests,” Jozef Klein, CEO Asseco CE, explained.

In addition to those mentioned above, also several other organizations and institutions have joined the system, including the Ministry of Health of the SR, University Hospital in Bratislava, Trnava Teaching Hospital, Trenčín Teaching Hospital, Martin University Hospital, Louis Pasteur University Hospital in Košice, General Polyclinic Hospital in Lučenec, Michalovce Hospital, Emergency Medical Services in Bratislava and Košice, National Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases, forensic medicine and morbid anatomy institutions, infectious disease specialists and public health experts, Central Military Hospital in Ružomberok, and Piešťany Laboratories and many other institutions are registering themselves on an everyday basis.