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Asseco CE has successfully completed the first extensive implementation on the continent of Asia

Bratislava, 23 April 2018. In March, the Asseco Central Europe company successfully launched a modern internet & mobile banking system based on the Omni Channel Platform, a concept of mini applications, for its customer - Orient Commercial Bank (OCB) in Vietnam. It has been the first extensive implementation by the Asseco company on the Asia continent. The deployed front-end solution for distribution channels represents one of the latest solutions in the area of banking offered by Asseco. A team consisting of Polish, Slovak, Czech, and Vietnamese experts participated in its implementation.

The change dynamics within the digital world of financial services provision has been increasing quickly. Banks need to react immediately to the requirements of their clients in the area of internet and mobile banking. “Modernization of the bank and its on-line services was the main objective within implementation of the selected solution - Omni Channel Platform that creates a modern and user-friendly environment for OCB´s clients for online administration of their money,” said Jozef Klein, CEO and chairman of the Board of Directors of Asseco, after the successful implementation. The success of our solution was based on the speed at which the entire project was completed because the period from the first analysis until the launch of main production lasted only 9 months. Implementation of the internet & mobile banking solution represented the first stage of the partner cooperation between Asseco and OCB planned in a long-run.

Current banking solutions must be available to clients via any device connected to the internet and 24 hours a day. This requirement is only one of the many that banks need to comply with. The entire process of digital transformation is a demanding task within which a great volume of data is processed into a form easy to understand for clients while complying with all security standards. And those are exactly the requirements that the solution based on the Asseco Omni Channel Platform selected by the Vietnamese bank meets.