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Asseco Central Europe completed the merger with the TurboConsult company

Bratislava, 3 August 2020: The TurboConsult company, which has been a part of the Asseco group since the end of the last year, became a new division of the Asseco Central Europe company on 1 August 2020. From now on, all activities of this company will be carried out under the Asseco CE name.

Through the acquisition of the TurboConsult company, Asseco CE has enhanced its portfolio offered on the Czech market and Slovak market by new products and solutions. Within the Czech Republic, thanks to this transaction, we increased our share of the building savings banks market and and we have acquired new clients from the banking and financial sectors. In Slovakia, ČSOB Stavebná sporiteľňa (a building savings bank) has become an important new client.

“We are glad that thanks to this merger we will acquire more than 70 new talented colleagues enhance our technological know-how, and create new business opportunities in the financial and banking sectors. We will be able to offer customers a wider range of products and services along with other advantages resulting from this merger of two professional companies specializing in the area of IT solutions for the financial segment, which both have extensive international market experience," Jozef Klein, CEO of Asseco CE, adds.

TurboConsult has been developing its activities for almost 30 years, focusing primarily on software solutions for the area of finance and, in particular, the banking sector. Clients of the company include primarily building savings banks, credit unions, nonbank credit providers, financial brokers, and fintech companies. In addition to the solutions intended for the commercial sector, the TurboConsult company has been actively engaged also in public project FriendlyVox and wishes to continue its work within the project also after becoming a part of the parent company. FriendlyVox, a voice-enabled portal, represents a unique solution providing access to information and communication services without the need to use sight and it has been created in view of specific needs of visually impaired people. All you need to make use of the portal is a keyboard – all required information is provided using a voice output.