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Asseco Central Europe informs the State Fund for Transportation Infrastructure regarding its intention to terminate the Contract

Prague, 22nd January, 2020: At beginning of this week Asseco Central Europe (Asseco only) informed the State Fund for Transportation Infrastructure (SFDI- Státni fond dopravní infrastruktury) its intention to terminate the Contract concerning creation of “IS EDAZ” – Informatics System for Registration of Vehicles in the Time - based Taxation System and provision of related services (further referred only as Contract) in the Czech Republic without any claims arising out of premature termination of Contract. The aforementioned action is a direct result of the fact that serious damaged has been caused to the reputation of our company. This action has been taken with the aim to resolving the situation in Czech Republic regarding IS EDAZ.

Asseco has correctly followed all the bidding conditions set by the tender offering party during the whole process. We were one of the five companies contacted by SFDI to enter the bidding process for creation of IS EDAZ and provision of related services. Offer which was created (as per conditions of the tender offering party) was chosen by SFDI as the winner as result of which we were invited to sign the Contract.

We been active in the market for 30 years and for 15 years we have been building Asseco – an international concern – one of the biggest software houses in Europe. Trust of our customers is based on professional attitude of our company and the expertise of our employees. We have satisfied customers not only in Europe but also in other continents of the world. The present situation, that has seriously damaged the reputation of our company, we consider our proposal to terminate the Contract relationship as unavoidable.

Confidentiality arising from Non-disclosure agreement and signing of the Contract restricts our ability, during the medialization of the afore mentioned project, restricts our ability to give information on true facts.