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Asseco Group Product Review – Asseco International and IT trends

On April 18-19, the Asseco Group Product Review was held in Bratislava. This is the third edition of this international press conference addressed to the most important business and IT media from the countries in which Asseco is present. This year, the main theme was the development of Asseco International as well as IT trends in the areas of Industry 4.0 and ERP.

The conference was opened by Adam Góral, the President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland, and Jozef Klein, the President of the Management Board of Asseco International and Asseco Central Europe.

The first presentation was given by Artur Wiza, the Vice President of the Management Board of Asseco, who presented, among others, the areas and the scale of operations as well as the organizational structure of the Asseco Group.

Another presentation during the first day of the meeting was given by Jozef Klein, the President of the Management Board of Asseco International and Asseco Central Europe, as well as by Adam Góral, the President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland. They explained why Asseco International (AI) was established. They emphasized, among other things, that this step simplified the structure of the entire Group. At present, apart from the AI holding, the group also includes Asseco Poland and Formula Systems. In addition, the development plans of the new company were presented.

As part of the development of AI, we are planning new acquisitions, and we need fresh capital to reach that goal. We have the possibility to enter the stock exchange, but everything depends on the market. In a very short time we want to complete the preparation of the strategy and maybe we will decide to enter the exchange - said Jozef Klein.

We will take care of the development of specialized companies within the Group and cooperate with Asseco Poland in the sectors of banking, health, industry and public utilities. We will also develop our joint offer at the AI level - concluded Jozef Klein.

During the conference there were also presentations devoted to IT solutions that fit in with the concepts of the industry 4.0. Boris Duľa, the President of the Management Board of CEIT, talked about the activity of the company that deals with the development of production lines and whole factories. Its activities involve computer simulation and analysis of processes, and then their implementation in a factory. These solutions are mainly based on the use of industrial robots and autonomous systems. Currently, CEIT's solutions are applied at Volkswagen's plant, among others. Representative of Volkswagen Slovakia Martin Adamička spoke about their application.

The second day of the conference was opened by Marek Panek, the Vice President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland, who spoke in his presentation about the Asseco Group's operations in the ERP solutions sector.

At the beginning we integrated the Polish and Central European ERP market. Now we have Asseco Enterprise Solutions with a strong international position, with over 1,500 people specialized in ERP - said Marek Panek.

In turn, Edita Angyalová, the Vice President of the Management Board of Asseco Solutions, spoke about the market trends in ERP solutions. She emphasized the importance of the Internet of Things and self-learning mechanisms in creating user-friendly interfaces. She mentioned, among others, solutions dedicated to the hotel industry, such as Asseco BLUEGASTRO. These are fully automated systems for servicing restaurant customers and for ordering and delivering ingredients, as well as for preparing meal valuations. The system operates, among others, in the Ponteo Activity Park hotel in Slovakia.

Asseco wants to continue its development in the ERP sector. The international market in this sector gives us a great opportunity - said Edita Angyalová.

In a next presentation, Filip Kadeřábek, the Business Development Manager at Asseco Central Europe, spoke about the intelligent city project implemented in Vienna. It includes solutions for the management of public lighting, traffic lights, public WiFi, as well as electronic clocks and digital information boards. The SAMO system also allows to plan further development based on new functionalities.

In turn, the eDoc project, described by Miroslav Hájek, the President of the Management Board of eDoc, offers the opportunity to archive any data, such as user manuals, photos or invoices. They can be easily displayed by simply reading the appropriate code (QR, NFC, BLE).

The Asseco Group also sees a great opportunity in the development of e-mobility solutions. Jerzy Popowicz, the Business Development Director at Asseco Poland, pointed out that the widespread use of electric cars requires the creation of an extensive charging infrastructure. The charging stations themselves must be designed accordingly. Such management may be facilitated by Asseco ELMO, one of the newest products of Asseco Poland.

The Asseco Group Product Review conference was addressed to journalists from the business and technology media as well as press agencies. This year's edition was attended by 24 journalists from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany.