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eNeschopenka has become the IT project of the year 2020

Prague, May 2021: Asseco achieved a significant success when eNeschopenka (e-Sick Leave), a project created for the Czech Social Security Administration, won the prestigious IT Project of the Year 2020 award. The COVID-19 pandemic has only confirmed the critical importance of this solution, which did not only help millions of patients, but also protected doctors and simplified the situation for employers.

The main objective of the eNeschopenka project was to digitize processes related to temporary incapacity for work of employees, to achieve, among other things, the simplification of administrative complexity, the acceleration of the process of payments of sickness insurance benefits, SW support for doctors and provision of online information to employers about temporary incapacity for work of their employees.

Since 1 January 2020, a system has been in place whereby doctors send all reports of temporary incapacity for work in digital form from their outpatient and hospital systems or via the CSSA ePortal. The communication between the doctor, the district social security administration and the employer takes place electronically, without the participation of the insured person themselves, who previously had to hand over the individual sick leave documents to the process participants. eNeschopenkais used by more than 22 thousand health service providers and 285 thousand employers. So far, more than 3 million sick leave forms have been issued using eNeschopenka , which equals to nearly 13 million electronic submissions. More than 9 million notification messages were sent to employers.

"I am glad that thanks to the IT Project of the Year competition, we were able to present the eNeschopenka project to the experts of the jury. Extraordinary efforts and intensive cooperation with all stakeholders have made the CSSA a successful implementation. Compared to other EU countries, our project is truly unparalleled. While we have switched from a fully paper-based to a fully electronic process from the first day of launch in January 2020, in other countries it is mostly a gradual process. Thanks to this, among other things, we did not underestimate the launch of eNeschopenka," says František Boháček, Central Director of CSSA, about the award.

"e-Sick Leave is a project with a society-wide impact that increases the comfort of doctors, employees, and employers. Since its launch, we have continued to work intensively on improving other services of this project," said David Stoppani, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Asseco Central Europe.

Each year, the IT Project of the Year competition nominates implemented information and communication technology (ICT) projects which are particularly remarkable for their user effect, technological solutions, or excellent project management. eNeschopenka project won the competition among 22 other top projects.