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Informative pension application becomes the IT project of the year 2021

Prague, 26 April 2022: Asseco achieved another significant success when the Informative Pension Application (IDA) for the Czech Social Security Administration won the prestigious IT Project of the Year 2021 award organized by the Czech Association of Information Technology Managers (CACIO). The IDA application, an online service of the Slovak Social Security Administration ePortal, responds to a long-standing demand from both the professional and lay public for greater predictability of the behaviour of the pension system in individual cases.

On Thursday, 21 April 2022, the winners of the 19th annual IT Project of the Year competition were announced. In this year's competition, 14 projects were submitted, from which a seventeen-member jury of experts selected 8 finalists. Each year, the IT Project of the Year competition nominates implemented information and communication technology projects that are particularly remarkable for their user effect, technological solution, or excellent project management.

"Our online service Informative pension application is completely unique in that it is the first application to answer the basic question of how high the pension will be even for people of working age, based on data on insurance periods and substitute insurance periods stored in the CSSA's records. This is a fundamental difference compared to the existing service of the 'Pension Calculator' application available on the CSSA ePortal, designed exclusively for users who have already reached or will reach retirement age within 5 years," explains Mgr. František Boháček, Central Director of the Czech Social Security Administration.

For the first time in history, citizens below pre-retirement age also have the chance to get up-to-date online information about their pensions. The app thus provides the economically active generation with indicative information on future pension levels (in today's monetary value) so that this information is, in an ideal situation, available to them right from the start of their economically active lives. Thanks to the IDA service, pre-retirement clients (citizens of the Czech Republic) have the necessary information about their pensions available at any time, with just a few clicks.

"For us as a solution provider, implementing the service meant first, during the analysis phase, establishing a computational algorithm which allows for a step-by-step assessment of clients' creditable periods within the framework of purpose-designed activities. The goal was therefore to simulate as accurately as possible the thought process that takes place when assessing a client's creditable periods during the pension application process. The entire algorithm was then thoroughly tested both on an activity-by-activity basis and as a whole. In testing all the calculation rules, 10,420 rules and 14,670 tests were defined," adds Ing. David Stoppani, Vice-Chairman of the Management Board of Asseco Central Europe, a. s.