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Thanks to the eZdravie system component developed by Asseco, up to 97% of medical prescriptions have been generated electronically

Bratislava, 12 May 2020: Since the launch of eRecept (ePrescription) in 2018, more than 127 million prescriptions for medical drugs, medical aids, and dietetic food have been generated electronically. As much as 6 025 416 electronic prescriptions were issued and 6 199 072 medicinal drugs were dispensed during the month crucial within the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In March 2020, the share of electronically generated medical prescriptions reached 97.2% and the use of this component of eZdravie (eHealth) services has contributed significantly towards the fight against the spread of coronavirus within the Slovak population. Physicians prescribe medical products without being in physical contact with their patients, which has enabled chronically ill people to stay outside medical facilities and supported elimination of possible infection sources.

“From the very outbreak of the pandemic, we have been recommending that people, and particularly those who are older and suffer from chronic diseases, refrain from visiting their doctors. If they use any medical drugs and need prescriptions, they may call their outpatient clinic and their doctors will issue electronic prescription via eRecept. In this way, they will avoid any contact with the people in waiting rooms,” Peter Blaškovitš, director general of the National Health Information Centre, emphasizes.

“Currently, the electronic healthcare system is of the key importance within protection of human health and infectious disease spread prevention. Moreover, it allows patients and seniors to have medical products prescribed by their doctors while enjoying the comfort of their homes and without the need to visit any medical facility. We are pleased to see that we help make people´s life safer and easier during the corona crisis,” stated Jozef Klein, CEO of the Asseco company that has secured the operation of the eZdravie system as the cooperation leader.

Importance of eRecept

Electronic prescriptions form a very important part of modern healthcare provision processes. They save time of both doctors and patients and moreover, also the health insurance funds. Doctors can prescribe necessary medical products, medical aids or dietary products remotely without using any paper thanks to which chronically ill patients with stabilized medical conditions do not have to visit outpatient clinics. The system notifies doctors about possible interactions among prescribed medical products or their duplicity and provides online information about relevant generic products that may be prescribed. Where the doctor is familiar with the patient´s medical condition, he or she may use the function duplicating an already issued electronic prescription. The Asseco company developed the eZdravie system in cooperation with partners and along with other awards, the system won also the main award granted at the ITAPA 2019 congress.