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Project Online link with ISVS registers for client VšZP received ITAPA 2016 award

Project Online link with ISVS registers – Physical entity register, which is being implemented by Asseco Central Europe in cooperation with Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa (VšZP), won the first place in the New services for citizens category during the 15th year of International Congress ITAPA. This category contains projects that focus on introducing services that simplify the life of a common citizen.

Project Online link with ISVS registers – Physical entity register cancelled the obligation to report to the insurance company the change of address or any other information about an insured individual, who is stored in such register. This eliminates the need to fill in forms, scan or archive huge amount of data. Linking with physical entity register brought VšZP numerous advantages such as more up-to-date data of physical entities thanks to the abolition of the reporting obligations, higher validity of physical entity data, more successful deliverability of shipments, parent-child data and information about termination of stay on the territory of Slovak Republic or long-term stay outside the republic. In case that the information about physical entity received by VšZP differs from the  information obtained by the physical entity register, VšZP sends the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic these changes through the web services and thus actively participates in the process of unification of the registration of data on physical entities and their updating.

End users look forward to reduced workload while processing and checking data on physical entities when dealing with clients. The process of checking data and repeated delivery of shipments for clients became faster and more effective. Furthermore, related processes were taken care of much faster as well because process of written verification of data is no more applied. First eight months of 2016 recorder a decrease of undelivered and returned shipments by 12,51%. “We hope that the cooperation of Asseco Central Europe and VšZP will bring even more successfully implemented projects that will be recognised not only by professional jury, but mainly by end users in every-day processes,” said Marek Grác, COO Asseco Central Europe, during the ceremony of collecting the award.