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Asseco Central Europe has become the 100% owner of CEIT

Bratislava, 7 November 2018. Asseco CE (Asseco CE) is a modern company interested in supporting original innovative solutions and new highly sophisticated products for industry and that tis the reason why it has increased its investment into the CEIT technological company.

“Solutions of the CEIT company in the area of science, development, and innovation have been confirmed as successful by a number of positive references from satisfied customers, these solutions enhance the portfolio of the Asseco group by complementary products, and mean for the Asseco group a high added value manifested through mutual synergy. In addition to that, the current cooperation has resulted in creation of new opportunities for application of CEIT´s innovative solutions not only on the Slovak and Czech markets but also in other countries where the Asseco group operates." said on the occasion of this investment Jozef Klein, CEO of Asseco CE.

“We are truly pleased that our intensive mutual cooperation has confirmed our expectations and that the Asseco CE company has become our reliable and responsible partner interested in developing CEIT. We are convinced that this connection is the right step. Now, we have decided to take further steps and support acceleration of this strategic partnership,” Branislav Mičieta, one of CEIT co-founders, said on the occasion of signing the agreement.

With the new ownership structure, the CEIT Group will continue intensive development of industrial innovations interconnecting the real world with digital and virtual worlds. CEIT develops and introduces solutions helping industrial undertakings increase productivity and keep up with the times. The company focuses on internal logistics automation, automation of production and logistics processes, and full-scale solutions for smart factories.