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Asseco Central Europe is participating in the digital transformation of Sberbank CZ

Asseco Central Europe a.s. took part in digital transformation of Sberbank CZ. The first step to a successful transformation is the introduction of new internet and mobile banking that is scheduled to be released by the end of the year.

Digital transformation is a serious challenge for the entire financial sector that has to swiftly respond to their clients’ demands. Sberbank CZ cooperates with Asseco Central Europe in order to establish such change that is focused on building online service platforms based on multichannel principles.

Main key to a successful innovation of digital services in banks is understanding customers’ needs and being able to adapt accordingly. It is more and more common that propagation, communication as well as customer service undertake digital modernisation and that customers expect uncomplicated transition between each form of communication with bank.

Customer satisfaction studies showed that it is not just some hypothesis. Results of demand clearly indicate that such services as internet and mobile banking are essential for bank selection, this being one of reasons why Sberbank CZ decided to take action and improve their online services.
“We want to be a modern institution and we are doing our best to make sure that existing and potential clients are fully satisfied with our services. Therefore, we decided to acquire a new, user-friendly solution that would enable our clients to manage their finances online,” noted Ladislav Seifrt, who is responsible for the entire concept of digital banking in Sberbank CZ.

According to the member of Czech Sberbank’s board of directors, Karel Soukeník, the adaptation to current trends is considered as a necessary step which has to be undertaken by every institution that wants to stay in lead: “If banks will not let clients take care of their finances at any time and any place they want – 24 hours a day from any device with internet connection, they will not appeal to customers who are used to “online life”. New internet and mobile banking is only a single part of the whole mosaic. In order to fulfil the expectations, we have to change simultaneously how people look at IT architecture. Build it around databases and information, not around traditionally big, inflexible core systems,” Soukeník explains the meaning and need for digital transformation.

Process of digital transformation in a regular branch is a difficult task and comes with numerous obstacles and risks whether we look at it from technical point of view or a business one. It is essential to carefully pick a partner who is suitable to support bank’s goals in offering high-quality digital services. Asseco Central Europe shares the vision for future multichannel platform and that is the reason for developing a solution which should bring their customers a significant user experience.

“Clients’ user experience is one of important trigger mechanisms during bank transformations. It makes a considerable impact whether the bank is going to seek success. Key issue in this area is the method how huge amount of data is being visualised and the amount that is subsequently feasible for systems to process. Therefore, it is substantial to offer easy-to-read data and the amount of data that customers need to have an access to and provide them with an option to manipulate that data themselves for the time being,” says sales director of Asseco Central Europe, Martin Koníček.

Overall solution supplied within this project is built on the platform Asseco Customer Banking Platform (CBP) which is a segment of Asseco Omnichannel Solution. Further components include the implementation of products Asseco SEZAM and Asseco Notification Center for solutions in security and notification spheres. Clients are offered a final solution that consists of a whole selection of new functionalities and services that are bearing additional value in its strategy and an option to pursue in digitalisation and installation of additional attractive online services.