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All applications supporting the activities performed in a company need an infrastructure that enables mutual communication. This is why Asseco Central Europe offers its services for the building and securing of IT infrastructure, virtualization and consolidation, storage systems (business continuity, high availability and disaster recovery), remote supervision, and a number of other areas.

Information security is a key component of modern IT systems


IT security is without doubt one of our key competencies. We have proven the level of our services in the area of security in projects with high importance level, implemented for public administration organizations as well as for commercial companies (solutions for the capital market, homebanking solutions, etc.). Our current activities are aimed at the following groups of services:

 security projects implementing software security safe electronic communication

Picture symbolizing software security.

We guarantee the highest levels of IT security.

What distinguishes us from the competition


We have years of experience in billing systems and customer service.


We have extensive technical expertise and implementation experience.


We offer high quality products.


Advance of responding to the expectations of our customers.